EDoomS60 V0.8

Doom port for Series 60 Smartphones

by Michaël Ryssen


How to run EDoomS60

Please note: explaining how to install files to your phone is not the purpose of this document. There are plenty of places on the net which describe the procedure. Also, please don't ask me how to do that.

- First copy and install EDooms60.sis to your S60 phone. Please note that the application is installed on the MMC.
- Copy the "Legacy.dat" file in the E:\Doom\ folder.
- Then copy, on your MMC, the Doom or Heretic wad file you want to use, in the E:\Doom\ folder.
- Click on the newly installed EDoomS60 application and select "Play" from the main menu to launch the game.
By using the "command line" menu item, you can add command line parameters (like "-file " to launch external PWADs). This command line will be saved in the "edoomcmdline.ini" file. So next time you will launch EDoomS60 this command line will still be active. To remove parameters, simply delete the file, or enter an empty command line.
Also note that all external files need to be in the E:\Doom\ folder.

You can change screen display modes by using the ingame menu. There are 3 choices : rotated left landscape, rotated right landscape and portrait mode. In "portrait" mode, you can use the phone "shift" key + the phone joystick to scroll the view.



19/03/06 - EDoomS60 V0.8
Support for Doom Legacy V1.42 :
- Heretic is now supported.
- Added the "-iwad " command line option, to choose from several IWADs in the E:\Doom folder.
- 3D Floors have been disabled (performances issues)
- FraggleScript have been disabled (to save some memory)
22/02/06 - EDoomS60 V0.7
- Added support for screen rotation choice : Left, Right or No Rotation (portrait). In "portrait" mode, you can use the phone "shift" key + the phone joystick to scroll the view.
09/11/05 - EDoomS60 V0.67
- dehacked.c from DoomLegacy 1.42.
06/11/05 - EDoomS60 V0.66
- DEH text debug.
06/11/05 - EDoomS60 V0.65
- Added command line support.
25/10/05 - EDoomS60 V0.6
- Initial release.


Copyright, credits

EDoomS60 is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Thanks to id for making Doom, one of the greatest game of all times.
Thanks to Peter van Sebille for EDoom (Doom port for UIQ).



email : mryssen@gmail.com
EDoomS60 homepage : http://kokak.free.fr/EDoomS60.htm
EDoomS60 is donationware, so if you like it, please consider making a Paypal donation (mryssen@gmail.com)