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EDoomS60 is a Doom port for symbian S60 phones.
I began this port about one year ago. By this time, only Wildpalm Doom 7650 was available for S60 phones. It could only run shareware Doom. For personnal reasons, the development has been halted. In the meantime, the excellent C2Doom was released for S60 and S80 smartphones.
EDoomS60 is a direct port of EDoom by Peter van Sebille, a Doom Port for Symbian UIQ.
As it is based on Doom Legacy, it could run some elaborate custom wads. Since, the community could benefit of these wads on their S60 phones, I decided to continue the port until I have a useable version.
It could also be a good code base for Heretic & Hexen ports.


What's new:

19/03/06 - EDoomS60 V0.8
Support for Doom Legacy V1.42 :
- Heretic is now supported.
- Added the "-iwad " command line option, to choose from several IWADs in the E:\Doom folder.
- 3D Floors have been disabled (performances issues)
- FraggleScript have been disabled (to save some memory)
22/02/06 - EDoomS60 V0.7
- Added support for screen rotation choice : Left, Right or No Rotation (portrait). In "portrait" mode, you can use the phone "shift" key + the phone joystick to scroll the view.
09/11/05 - EDoomS60 V0.67
- dehacked.c from DoomLegacy 1.42.
06/11/05 - EDoomS60 V0.66
- DEH text debug.
06/11/05 - EDoomS60 V0.65
- Added command line support.
26/10/05 - EDoomS60 V0.61
- SIS file bugs fixed.
25/10/05 - EDoomS60 V0.6
- Initial release.


Planned modifications for next releases

- Music support.

- There won't be multiplayer support since I couldn't test it.



EDoomS60 has been successfully tested on the following phones : Siemens SX1, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, NGage.
It seems that S60-CPC isn't compatible with some Symbian OS V7.x phones (Nokia 6670, 7610)
If your phone isn't listed in the above list, you can send me an email to tell me if it works or not.



Splash screen Heretic menu
Some options Heretic E1M1
Doom E1M1



EDoomS60 is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
EDoomS60 readme

EDoom V0.7 based on Doom Legacy V1.30 (stable)
Download EDoomS60 V0.7 binaries
Download EDoomS60 V0.7 sources

EDoom V0.8 based on Doom Legacy V1.42
Download EDoomS60 V0.8 binaries
Download EDoomS60 V0.8 sources

EDoomS60 is donationware, so if you like it, please consider making a Paypal donation.



email : mryssen"at"gmail.com
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