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I am a software engineer (ENSI of Caen).

I worked on the following projects for Ubisoft:
- Saturn port of "Rayman".
- Lead programmer of the GEN engine. This engine was used by a lot of multimedia products (Tim7, 123 Music, Valdo, Cosmic Family, Artist!, Piano hits, Rayman Eveil, etc.)
- "Tonic Trouble" (bundle and retail versions).
- "Rayman 3" (D3D port of the 3Dfx glide editor).
- "Rayman Arena" (Gamecube port: 3D engine).
- "XIII" (Gamecube port: Lead programmer, 3D engine).
- "Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow" (Gamecube port: Lead programmer, 3D engine).
- "Killing Day" (Pre-Prod)
- "Red Steel" (Gamecube / Wii expert)
- "Red Steel 2" (3D engine)
- "Rabbids Travel in Time" (3D engine)
- "Raving Rabbids Alive and Kicking" (Xbox 360/Kinect - 3D engine)
- "Rabbids Land" (WiiU engine port / 3D engine)
- R&D (Kinect)
- "Watch Dogs" (3D effects)
- R&D (Xbox One)
- R&D (Augmented Reality)
- Unannounced (then canceled) project (Xbox One)
- Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Levels tools, cinematic tools & engine, ...)



Visit my DOOM page !

You will find converters there to play Doom with data of Dark forces, Wolf3D, etc.
There is also a version of Doom allowing to play several on only one PC, and two OpenGL ports of Doom (DoomGL & ZDoomGL).

Doom for series 60 smartphones

DoomGLES for PocketPC (x50v & x51v)
DoomGLES for Android
DoomGLES for BlackBerry


Visit my Heretic page !

It contains a Win32 port of Heretic, an OpenGL port (GLHeretic) and soon a multi-player port (like the doom one)

Heretic for series 60 smartphones : Now, EDoomS60 have Heretic support.

HereticGLES for PocketPC (x50v & x51v)
HereticGLES for Android
HereticGLES for BlackBerry


Visit my Hexen page !
It contains a Win32 port of Hexen, an OpenGL port (GLHexen) and soon a multi-player port (like the doom one)

HexenGLES for Android


Amstrad CPC emulator for series 60 smartphones

iPhone Games

Stacker 3D
Nuguee Rising

Satellite Assault for iOS

Satellite Assault for Android

Leap Motion

Stacker 3D
DoomGLES for Leap Motion


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