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HereticGLES is the classical Heretic game ported to OpenGLES on Android.
You are one of the last Sidhe elves. D'Sparil, the Serpent Rider, with its minions destroyed your civilization. Now, you will take revenge.
It supports:
- Hires resolutions (on tablets or highend phones)
- Realtime dynamic lighting
- Particles effects
- 3D Monsters and objects (MD2)
- Blood projections
- Realistic water effect
- Xperia Play gamepad buttons (analog sticks not supported, probably later)
- Keyboard support (USB, bluetooth, embedded)
- Buttons mapping (Xperia Play / USB GamePads / Keyboard)
- Network multiplayer
- and much more

HereticGLES comes with shareware datas.
If you own Heretic (V1.3 - Shadow of the Serpent Riders), copy the wad file (heretic.wad) in your device at this location: /sdcard/Kokak/HereticGLES/
Then select, from the launch menu, "Full Game" as IWAD. The OpenGLES datas will be downloaded (about 120MB of datas)

On some devices, the game may not launch after the datas have been installed. It is the case if the "Downloading Datas" waiting box disappears and the game doesn't launch after 30 seconds. Simply exit the game (home button) and relaunch it.

On the launch window you can choose various options, you can also add classic Heretic command line parameters (like "-warp episode map").

To use a custom PWAD, copy it to your device in /sdcard/Kokak/HereticGLES/, copy converted datas in the same folder, and add on the command line "-file wadname.wad"
To convert PWAD datas, see "How to convert datas to OpenGLES"

Planned features for next releases:
- Installation of datas on "real" SDCard (ExtSdCrad)
- Touch interface edition
- XPeria Play touch pads support
- Network support
- Better Network support
- More nice graphics effects


What's new:

25 february 2014
- Added first version of multiplayer network support (up to 4 players)
- Disappearing sprites bug fixed
- Potential random crashes fixed.



2 October 2013
- Added virtual keyboard support (for cheats & savegames)
- 8 levels brightness correction
- Potential bugs fixed (stencil & data downloading) 22 March 2013
- Black screen if you tap out the launch window fixed
- Black screen when selected "Continue Game" with no savegame fixed
- CFG file not created first time you launch the game fixed.
- New server hosting the datas (hopefully faster and more stable with DownloadManager...)
27 February 2013
- Added support for Moga Pro controller
- Potential crashes in lighting code fixed
- Crash in E3M8 fixed (D'Sparil fight, MD2 issue)
21 October 2012
- Added support for Moga controller (
- Added support for the 2 landscapes orientations.
- Another fix for the random turnover bug.
22 August 2012
- Random turnover fixed (touch interface)
- Tegra 2D sprites artifacts fixed (DXT5 compression support)
- Added new "no mouse look" mode (works like mouse look without the vertical movement)
02 August 2012
- Smaller datas (apk & downloadables). They take 40% less space on the SDCard.
- Launch window always displayed ("Continue Game" option added)
- Weapon offset for very low resolution screens fixed (320x240)
- Tips window (top of launch window) is now active
July 2012
- Fixed no Menus / Interface bug on some firmwares (for PowerVR GPU, Motorola Droid Series)
- Added "Strafe" key in controls menu
- Minor Axis Controls menu fix
- MD2 datas missing fixes
- Intermission screen corruption fixed (may fix intermission crash)
- No music when reloaded a map fixed (may fix intermission crash)
27 June 2012
- No "Always run" button option
- Added "Run" & "Strafe" keys for physical devices
- Added Dual Stick mode option (instead of "Mouse look")
- Added option for swapping strafe & rotate (Turnbar or Dual Stick modes)
- Buttons can't be remapped if no physical device (to prevent breaking touch interface)
- Status bar displayed in the HUD (increase Screen Size in options to remove it)
- Interface transparency can be fully transparent (using the existing "Transparency" icon)
09 June 2012
- First Release


How to convert Datas to OpenGLES

Download HereticGLES data convertor for Windows
HGLES2Convert converts Heretic datas to OpenGLES (2.0) compatible ones. You need Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 installed on your PC.

Unzip the archive in a folder on your hardrive.
Copy Heretic IWAD & PWADS you wish to convert in this folder.
To convert the maps, open a command line window or create a .bat file containing the commands (or edit the provided test.bat file):

HGLES2Convert -iwad "iwad_name".wad [-file "pwad_name".wad] -warp "episode" "map" -"texture_option"
Note that the -file parameter is optionnal (used for PWAD conversion)

In OpenGLES2 folder, a subfolder with the name of the WAD will be created. Copy this subfolder to your Android Device in /sdcard/Kokak/HereticGLES/OpenGLES2, and launch HereticGLES choosing the correct IWAD & PWAD.

Example: HGLES2Convert -iwad heretic.wad -file myCustomWad.wad -warp 1 1 -atc
Will convert the map 1 from episode 1 of the PWAD myCustomWad.wad for Adreno GPU.

You will need to know the GPU of your device in order to choose the correct texture option.
Tegra device: -goforce
Adreno device: -atc
PowerVR device: nothing
Other devices: -etc1

If you don't know your GPU, search for your device specifications on for example.

IMPORTANT: If you donwloaded the game from Amazon, please always use -etc1

For more informations, please read the HGLES2Convert readme.txt file



HereticGLES should run on any OpenGLES 2.0 compatible Android device.



Trailer (gameplay video on 1280x800 tegra Android tablet)



When the Heretic Splash screen is displayed, press on the pause icon on the top-left corner. It will display the main menu. Navigate throught it with the arrows on the left. Validate with the green "check" button on the right.
In game:
Control the player movements with the virtual stick on the left part of the screen.
Control the player view by dragging one finger on the right part of the screen.
Use the cross button to fire.
Use the hand button to open doors or interact with switches.
Use the double-arrow button to toggle speed.
Use the arrows, in the top-left part of the screen, to choose your weapon.
Use the arrows and "A", in the top-right part of the screen, to choose and select items in your inventory.
Use the world button to see the map.
Use the pause button to display the Doom Menu.
Press the arrow icon on your weapon to display brightness correction & interface transparency controls.


Controls mapping

From ingame "Controls" menu (in options menu) you can map any function to an hardware key (keyboard or Gamepad).
You can also choose which stick axis you will assign to a movement (Android >= 3.1 devices)



To launch a multiplayer game, you need to know each devices IP addresses.
TCP/IP game is cross-platform (Android, Blackberry when available, and any other future plateform).

You need to enter the following parameters in the command line editbox in the launch window.
Your IP address is displayed above the command line.
If you are connected via wifi, this will be your LAN IP address.

network command line parameters:
-net id host1 host2 ...
id: numeric id of this device (1-4)
host1 host2...: List of IP addresses of others devices.

Example for a 2 player game starting on Doom episode 1 mission 1:
Device 1 IP address =
Device 2 IP address =
Device 1 command line= -warp 1 1 -net 1
Device 2 command line= -net 2

If the network game is too slow. Try to lower the graphics options (especially on the weakest device). You could also try some command line parameters like -extratic or -dup.
See command line parameters here:
Please note, the multiplayer may not work correctly on some devices. For example, on Acer A500 (stock ROM), there are a lot of freezes for an unknown reason (issue in the wifi driver ?).

If you want to play through Internet, you will need your WAN IP address.
If you are connected in 3G (or 4G), the IP address in the launch window is your WAN IP. Please note the port 666 needs to be opened by your internet provider. You can change the port used by DoomGLES by using the -port command line. All clients need to use the same port.
If your are connected in wifi through a router, you will need to recover you WAN IP by visiting this site for example:
You will also need to forward the 666 port (UDP) on the LAN IP of your device. You need to do that on your wifi router.

In the future, the network multiplayer should use client/server with matchmaking.



Q: "The shareware game runs fine, but when I try to play the full game, I have one of these issues: download never ends, blackscreen, crash..."

A: Please first check you have enough free space on your sdcard.
500MB should be enough for any Heretic iwad.

If it isn't a space problem, please try a manual install:

Depending of your phone GPU (search for your phone specs on, the GPU will be listed there):

- Tegra GPU:

- Adreno GPU:

- PowerVR GPU:

- Other GPUs

Unzip them in /sdcard/Kokak/HereticGLES/

Run the game.

IMPORTANT: If you donwloaded the game from Amazon, please always use ETC package (Other GPUs)

Contact me if you need more assistance (mryssen"at"

Q: I first launched the game. I see splash screens cycling. How do I start the game ?

A: When the Heretic Splash screen is displayed, press on the pause icon on the top-left corner. It will display the main menu. Navigate throught it with the arrows on the left. Validate with the green "check" button on the right.
If the interface icons are barely visibles, please read next FAQ entry.

Q: The game is too dark, how can can change brightness ? I barely see the touch interface, how can I improve that ?

A: Press the arrow icons on your weapon to display brightness correction & interface transparency controls.

Q: I have a Galaxy S2, and the game crashes when monsters fire ?

A: I have reports from some GS2 users who experience this crash. It seems to be linked to the dynamic lighting & MD2 rendering. While this issue is sorted out, you can disable the dynamic lighting or 3D Monsters in the launch screen options.

Q: I don't see the walls and floors, I and the ennemies are floating in the air.

A: You need Heretic wad V1.3 (Shadow of the Serpent Rider, with 5 episodes).

Q: I have an Xperia Play and buttons control don't work.

A: you can remap the gamepad buttons in the new "controls" menu inside the "Options" menu.
Or more simply, you can just delete the hereticgles.cfg file in /sdcard/kokak/HereticGLES

Q: #@!!??!!, this is not the full game, I've paid for the full game !!!!

A: No, you paid for the engine port (months of work + support), not the datas. Same thing when you buy an emulator, you pay for the emulator (= the engine), not the games it emulates (= the datas) which are commercial materials you need to own.
Also, the game description on Google Play Store clearly states that:
"HereticGLES comes with Heretic shareware datas.
If you own Heretic (V1.3 - Shadow of the Serpent Riders), copy the wad file (heretic.wad) in your device at this location: /sdcard/Kokak/HereticGLES/

Q: On my Asus Transformer Prime, the keyboard is not working.

A: The default keyboard is set to "asus keyboard". Switching to "android keyboard" makes it work in DoomGLES. (thanks to Paul for the solution)

Q: On my Alcatel One Touch 918, sometimes I can see through walls. (maybe this bug is present on other PowerVR based devices ?)

A: This is due to blood decals. It seems there is some sort of issue with stencil / depth buffer in the OpenGLES driver... As a workaround, I wrote an alternate code for blood projections.
Check "Alternate Blood (Debug)" in the launch window (or disable the blood on this same window)



If you want to support HereticGLES development (and any future dev), please:
- Buy it on Google Play (or any other market it is present)
- Give it a 5 star rating + positive comments. Tweet about it and/or click the Google +1 button on the market page. Click "I like" on the youtube trailer.
- Tell about it to your friends
- Think about buying my other games.
- If you want to donate, you can do it by PayPal:




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