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HereticGLES is an OpenGL-ES port for Dell axim x50v and x51v (and any PocketPC which contain the intel 2700g graphic chipset) of GLHeretic.
GLHeretic was developped in 1998-1999. It ran fine on a Pentium 200 with a 3Dfx voodoo card. Nowadays, we have mobile systems which have enough power to run such applications, so I decided to port GLHeretic to OpenGL-ES.

HereticGLES has all the features of GLHeretic (and more):
- 640 x 480 native support.
- Free look.
- Bilinear filtering with mipmapping.
- Coronas on light sources.
- Dynamic lighting (multitextured lightmaps).
- MD2 monsters and objects.


What's new:

HereticGLES nominated for a 2008 Best Software Award in the "First Person Shooter" category.



19/02/08 - HereticGLES V0.5b
- Harcoded path bug fixed.
18/02/07 - HereticGLES V0.5
- First beta release 0.5.
It should have all the features of DoomGLES except network support which has not been tested (network code has not been checked so far).



HereticGLES runs on Dell axim x51v and WM5 upgraded x50v. It doesn't run on x50v with WM2003SE.





HereticGLES readme

HereticGLES V0.5b (beta)
Download HereticGLES V0.5b binaries
Download preconverted MD2 3D models & skyboxes textures
Download Timidity converter for music support


HereticGLES is donationware, so if you want to support its development, please consider making a Paypal donation.



email : mryssen"at"
Official DoomGLES Forum on
Raven Software the creators of Heretic.
Network tutorial by Menneisyys.

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