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While you were travelling on a routine flight, you were dragged out of hyperspace. You now are in a deadly asteroid field, territory of the Zaadiqs, a scavenger species which trap travelers and wait they are crushed by the rocks before scavenging the remaining pieces.

These asteroids have a unique ability: when they collide, one of them may become magnetized. Then it will follow any non Zaadiq ship in its range.

You only have your particle shield and your laser to defend yourself. If a rock hits your shield, it will explode and disable your shield. Your shield will then slowly recharge itself. Attention, each time you fire a laser blast, you will lose 1 unit of shield. On the contrary, if you wait long enough without firing laser, your systems will be overloaded, which will give you access to the powerfull ionised shield and lasers.

Objects destroyed by ionised systems will generate 3 deadly ionised fragments which can destroy other objects in a chain reaction pattern. The deeper the object is in the chain level, the more points it will give you.

Warning if you take too much time to die, Zaadiq ship may appear, trying to destroy you quickly with its powerfull protonic laser. A rock hitted by a protonic laser will become magnetic and will follow your ship. If your shield is hitted by a protonic laser, it will be disabled.

A unique laser blast can destroy a Zaadiq ship. Once destroyed it may leave a bonus powerup. There are 5 types of bonuses:
- Time limited invulnerability.
- Time limited system overload.
- Quantum mine. You can store up to 3 of them. Simply tap on a rock or a Zaadiq to teleport a QMine which will immediately destroy the object.
- Nuke: tap your ship to destroy all rocks and Zaadiq around your location.
- Time limited speed boost.

When a new asteroid enters the scene, it will come from above and won't be hittable. These asteroids have a "warning" icon on them (green where they are far from the game plan, red when they are close to it. You can only destroy asteroids with no warning sign

There is also a "Classic" game mode: Play a classic Asteroids-style game. You have no shield but an Hyperspace button to escape difficult situations (but where you will respawn, it could be worst). Each asteroid you hit will be divided into 2 smaller asteroids. The smaller it is, the more points you will be awarded.

You can control your ship with the accelerometer, by using the touchscreen, or by using a gamepad controller.

Other technical details:
- Powerfull OpenGL-ES 2.0 graphics engine (Tegra devices only so far)
- Tokamak physics library
- Beautifull music by Zero-Project
- Google Play Game services for online leaderboards and achievements
- Gamepad support


What's new:

V2.0 avaialable:
- Added Gamepads support
- New "Classic" game mode: destroyed asteroid are divised into 2 smaller asteroids.
- Added inertia on player ship movements.
- Control the ship with a "turn bar": the ship rotate on the side of the turn bar. The further from the center you tap, the faster it will turn.
- Incoming asteroid have a warning sign on them to show you can't shoot them right now.
- Game initialisation optimised a lot.

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Satellite Assault should run on all Tegra based Android devices. Is has been developped on an ACER Iconia A500 honeycomb tablet.



Trailer (gameplay video on 1280x800 tegra Android tablet)



Game Engine, Game Design: MichaŽl Ryssen
Physic library: Tokamak
Music: Zero-Project


email : kokakgames"at"

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